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I see you’ve found my little space on the internet, where I blog about Beauty, post my LookBook, and also do some Lifestyle and Wellness pieces.
You can follow some links down below if you want to stalk my Instagram (highly recommend) or listen to my playlists. You can also read my tweets, but they’re mainly just me commenting on whatever Netflix series I’m watching at the time, so it depends on how you feel about reading my strong opinions on Walter White.

You can contact me on Instagram or Twitter, and also via my email; tieganlrogers@gmail.com – you can even comment on my posts if you like me a lot!

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Cheers for reading all this way, well done you – now let’s get this party started by clicking on some of those blog posts you really wanted to nosey at and getting lost in my headspace for a few hours! (I won’t judge, just let me know how you’re holding up mentally afterwards)


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I tried Good American jeans… and here’s the verdict

Before I start on this whole post – let me assure you that these are all the opinions of a size 8-10 human being whose arse doesn’t quite fit into her skinny jeans the majority of the time Looking good and doing good is something that isn’t always possible in this day and age – so it’s … Continue reading I tried Good American jeans… and here’s the verdict

Makeup Storage Solutions

So although I’m planning on going way more in depth on this situation, I’m going to run through my basic makeup storage to help out people who are just starting out because I know first hand how daunting it can be to know what is good value and what just isn’t worth the money.

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